• LOABeads PrtA30 and PrtA60

    LOABeads PrtA30 and PrtA60

    Magnetic agarose beads with Protein A. Rapid and simple purification and screening of antibodies using magnetic separation.
  • Coupling Chemistry

    Coupling Chemistry

    Water-based coupling chemistry. Covalent immobilization of amino ligands at physiological conditions.
  • LOABeads


    Agarose beads with superior magnetic behavior. Magnetic separation within seconds.

High-Capacity Biomolecule Magnetic Separation Platform



  • LOABeads PrtA30
    Magnetic agarose beads for antibody purification.
  • LOABeads PrtA60
    Magnetic agarose beads for purification of antibodies from serum and ascites fluid.
  • LOABeads AffiActive10
    Magnetic agarose beads activated with aminoreactive groups for coupling to any peptide or protein.
  • LOABeads IP30
    Magnetic agarose beads coupled with protein A for immunoprecipitations.
  • LOABeads MagSep
    Durable laboratory magnetic separators for volumes between milliliter and liter.

Lab on a Bead

We are a Swedish biotech company focusing on the development and sales of the next generation high-capacity magnetic separation platform for purification of biomolecules.

The LOABeads magnetic beads combine the high binding capacity of agarose with fast magnetic separation.

Our concept for medium scale magnetic separation take the simplicity of magnetic separation from low milliliter laboratory scale to high liter preparation scale.

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