Coupling chemistry

Fast and easy coupling of proteins to surfaces at physiological conditions.

Lab on a Bead’s unique patented coupling chemistry enables fast and efficient covalent conjugation of amino (-NH2) containing ligands, such as proteins, and thiol (-SH) containing ligands to surfaces. All steps in the coupling are performed at physiological conditions and at room temperature with high yields and short reaction times. The use of water-based media eliminates the use of organic solvent and no hazardous reagents are needed. This makes Lab on a Bead’s coupling chemistry a more ecofriendly alternative compared to most of the traditionally used coupling techniques, such as the CNBr and NHS methods.

The technology is used in the production of LOABeads Protein A magnetic beads and is available for sale with the LOABeads AffiAmino beads. Affinity, IEX and hydrophobic ligands can be introduced, making a wide variety of bioseparations possible using magnetic beads.