LOABeads™ MagSep

Durable magnetic separators for volumes between milliliter and liter.

The LOABeads MagSep series of laboratory magnetic separators have been optimized for use with LOABeads magnetic beads and are ideal for most bioseparation applications. The larger units are designed for durability with a lacquered plastic shell and nickel plated neodymium magnets placed safely inside. The separators fit standard test tubes and are available in sizes from 15 ml to 500 ml.

The combination of LOABeads magnetic particles and LOABeads MagSep is a simple biomagnetic separation platform that requires no special training to use. The separators require very little maintenance and several batches can be processed in parallel using the same unit, making the running costs very low.


The handling of LOABeads in the LOABeads MagSep magnetic separators follow the same simple procedure regardless of the size.

  • The tube or flask containing well-suspended LOABeads is placed in the separator or within range of its magnetic field.
  • The magnetic beads are immediately attracted by the surrounding magnets and within seconds or minutes, depending on the scale, the separation is complete.
  • The liquid is removed using a pipet while the magnetic beads are held by the surrounding magnets.
  • The tube or flask is removed from the separator and the magnetic beads are resuspended in the appropriate buffer.

Product characteristics

Product name LOABeads™ MagSep5 LOABeads™ MagSep50 LOABeads™ MagSep500
Product number 2100 2200 2300
Diameter - 123 mm 176 mm
Height 12 mm 119 mm 148 mm
Weight Approx. 15 g Approx. 400 g Approx. 2000 g
Tube/bottle Microtube 15 and 50 ml 500 ml
Working volume 50 µl–5 ml 3–50 ml 250–500 ml
Working range beads* <5 µl–100 µl 10 µl–4 ml 0.1–30 ml
Magnetic separation time 1–15 seconds 10 seconds 2–5 minutes

* The recommended amount of settled LOABeads magnetic particles

Ordering Information

Product Quantity Product no.
LOABeads MagSep5 1 2100
LOABeads MagSep50 1 2200
LOABeads MagSep500 1 2300