LOABeads Protein A

High capacity protein A magnetic agarose beads provide rapid and simple purification of antibodies using magnetic separation techniques.

LOABeads Protein A have a binding capacity 60 mg human or rabbit IgG per ml settled magnetic beads. The black beads are clearly visible and easily attracted to external magnets, enabling distinct separation within seconds, which leads to minimal sample loss. The 4% agarose matrix offers minimal unspecific binding and makes the beads non-adherent, letting the beads be easily dispersed and resuspended without the use of detergents.

The purification setup can easily be scaled up or down to match antibody concentration and sample volumes. LOABeads Protein A work excellently for separations from microliter to liter scales using suitable magnetic separators, such as the LOABeads MagSep series.

LOABeads Protein A are intended for purification of antibodies from serum and ascites fluid samples, IgG serum depletion, and immunoprecipitation. The product is for research use only and not intended for human use or for use in diagnostic applications.

Material Supplied

  • LOABeads Protein A supplied as a 10% bead suspension in PBS with 20% ethanol.
    1 ml of 10% bead suspension contains 100 µl magnetic beads.
  • Neodymium cube magnet (12 mm) suitable for separations in 0.5-5 ml volumes.

Product Data

Product name LOABeads™ Protein A
Product number 1001
Particle size 45–165 µm
Ligand Recombinant protein A
Type magnetization Super-paramagnetic
Matrix 4% agarose
Product form 10% bead suspension in PBS with 20% ethanol
Binding capacity* 4 mg rabbit IgG/ml bead suspension
Max. binding capacity** 6 mg human IgG/ml bead suspension
Binding buffer PBS
Elution buffer 60 mM citrate pH 3.0
Storage conditions +2 to +8°C in PBS with 20% ethanol
Stability information*** 24 months
Regeneration Can be reused multiple times

* 90% binding of rabbit IgG (2 mg/ml) after 60 min reaction.
** Determined in an overloading test at 5 mg IgG/ml after 60 min reaction.
*** Data of product stability is continuously updated based on ongoing stability studies.

Ordering Information

Product Quantity Product no.
LOABeads Protein A 2x1 ml 10% beads 1001-2ml
LOABeads Protein A 5x1 ml 10% beads 1001-5m
LOABeads Protein A 10 ml 10% beads 1001-10ml

Yes, I would recommend LOABeads Protein A to other researchers. It can be perfomed using few supplies and reagents.
Marcelo Mendonça, Federal Rural University of Pernambuco, Brazil
LOABeads Protein A is the fastest protocol I used in the lab to purify antibodies. Similar performance were observed for both affinity chromatography and magnetic beads methods in terms of obtained antibody quantities.
Feliciana Real, University of Florence, Italy