LOABeads magnetic beads combine the high binding capacity of agarose with fast separations due to excellent super-paramagnetic behavior.

LOABeads are a flexible alternative for any bioseparation application, from microliter scale to liter scale. The magnetic agarose beads have the same properties that are valued in normal agarose, such as high binding capacity and minimal nonspecific interactions. At the same time the beads provide the simplicity and fast separations of magnetic beads, though at a larger scale than what has previously been available.

LOABeads magnetic beads are agarose beads imbued with magnetic material. With a diameter of approx. 100 µm and a dark color, the individual beads are clearly visible by eye, making collection simple. They do not form aggregates and are easily dispersed without use of detergents.

They are easy to use, and, compared with other employed beads […], the size of the particle allows an easier collection after magnetic precipitation for the successive washing steps.
Maria Montes Bayon, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain

Employing the LOABeads beads together with Lab on a Bead’s coupling chemistry allows the introduction of affinity, IEX and hydrophobic ligands. This makes LOABeads suitable as a high-capacity and specificity media for purification of biomolecules using fast and easy magnetic separation techniques.

LOABeads offers reliable and robust magnetic separation within seconds in contact with external magnets.

Advantages of LOABeads

  • Superior Binding Capacity
    The high surface area of porous magnetic agarose beads results in high binding capacities.
  • Fast Magnetic Separation
    The LOABeads beads show excellent super-paramagnetic behavior and are strongly attracted to external magnets which enables separation within seconds.
  • High Specificity
    The hydrophilicity of the agarose offers minimal unspecific binding resulting in highly specific purifications.