Analysis of serum transthyretin using immunoaffinity method based on magnetic beads and capillary electrophoresis

Analysis of serum transthyretin by on-line immunoaffinity solid-phase extraction capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry using magnetic beads
LOABeads PrtA60 and AffiAmino10 was used for immunoprecipitation of transthyretin from serum samples in an on-line immonprecipitation method. In comparison with Protein A magnetic beads from other manufacturers, LOABeads PrtA60 had higher recovery and better repeatability. LOABeads AffiAmino had the advantage that the antibody did not elute and interfere with detection and was therefore preferred.
Peró-Gascón, R., Pont, L., Benavente, F., Barbosa, J., Sanz-Nebot, V., Electrophoresis 2016, 37, 1220-1231
Product: LOABeads PrtA60, LOABeads AffiAmino10 (Prod. No. 1200 and 1300) Published: March 2016