Lab on a Bead's concept for antibody purification using LOABeads magnetic beads and LOABeads MagSep separators can be used in a wide variety of applications. From small scale screening of several samples in parallel to purification of antibodies from tens or hundreds of milliliters sample volumes. The beads are also perfect for use in applications where multiple ligands are bound subsequently to the beads, for example in immunoprecipitation and various biosensors

Application notes

LOABeads PrtA

Parallel purification of scFv antibody fragments using LOABeads™ PrtA30 (PDF)
In this study, LOABeads PrtA were used together with a KingFisher™ Flex robot and the LOABeads MagSep separators, to purify expressed scFv antibody fragments from 500 ml bacterial cultures. A high purity was achieved for the four different scFv proteins that were purified and they were shown to be active in an ELISA test.
Product: LOABeads PrtA (Prod. No. 1100) Published: October 2016
Time study of parallel mAb purification from clarified CHO-cell broth at 1ml LOABeads™ PrtA scale (PDF)
This application not compares the LOABeads system to instrument operated column chromatography. Monoclonal antibodies were purified from four 200 ml CHO-cell culture samples using 1 ml LOABeads PrtA for each and the LOABeads MagSep separators. At this scale, the four antibody samples were processed faster than an estimated purification of one single sample on a column chromatography instrument.
Product: LOABeads PrtA (Prod. No. 1100) Published: March 2017

LOABeads SerAscA

A comperative test chromatography vs LOABbeads SerAscA (PDF)
In this study antibody purification using LOABeads SerAscA was compared to lab-scale column chromatography, with regards to yield, concentration and purity.
Product: LOABeads SerAscA (Prod. No. 1200) Published: March 2016
Immunoprecipitation efficiency for short time pulldowns using LOABeads™ PrtA60 (PDF)
The recovery efficiency for immunoprecipitation of human ferritin using LOABeads SerAscA was measured with a ruthenium based immunoassay, showing that the recovery was very high.

As an alternative, LOABeads IP-A could also be used in this type of immunoprecipitation experiment and be expected to perform equally well.

Product: LOABeads SerAscA (Prod. No. 1200) Published: July 2016

LOABeads AffiActive

Immuno-affinity purification of IgG (PDF)
In this study LOABeads AffiActive was used to purify anti-rabbit IgG produced in goat antiserum, resulting in high purity antibody.
Product: LOABeads AffiActive (Prod. No. 1300) Published: October 2015
Affinity purification of disease biomarkers from human serum (PDF)
In this study LOABeads AffiActive was used to isolate autoantibodies, which are biomarkers of Multiple Sclerosis, from patient serum.
Product: LOABeads AffiActive (Prod. No. 1300) Published: December 2015


Label-free bead-based metallothionein electrochemical immunosensor
LOABeads SerAscA was coated with chicken IgY which specifically recognized metallothionein. The coating was obtained via rabbit IgG raised against chicken IgY, which was bound directly to the beads. Using the Brdicka reaction in a microfluidic 3D-printed chip, it was possible to detect metallothionein in patient samples.
Nejdl, L., Nguyen, H. V., Richtera, L., Krizkova, S., Guran, R., Masarik, M., Hynek, D., Heger Z., Lundberg, K., Eriksson, K., Adam, V., Kizek, R., Electrophoresis 2015, 36, 1894–1904
Product: LOABeads SerAscA (Prod. No. 1200) Published: August 2015
Highly specific and rapid immuno-fluorescent visualization and detection of E. coli O104:H4 with protein-A coated magnetic beads based LST-MUG assay
LOABeads PrtA60 was coated with an antibody recognizing E. coli O104:H4 and the beads were then bound to whole E. coli. By letting the E. coli with bound magnetic beads grow in LST-MUG media, it was possible to detect low concentrations of E. coli using fluorescence.
Barizuddin, S., Balakrishnan,B., Stringer, R. C., Dweik, M., J. Microbiol. Methods 2015, 115, 27-33
Product: LOABeads SerAscA (Prod. No. 1200) Published: August 2015
Analysis of serum transthyretin by on-line immunoaffinity solid-phase extraction capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry using magnetic beads
LOABeads SerAscA and AffiActive was used for immunoprecipitation of transthyretin from serum samples in an on-line immonprecipitation method. In comparison with Protein A magnetic beads from other manufacturers, LOABeads SerAscA had higher recovery and better repeatability. LOABeads AffiActive had the advantage that the antibody did not elute and interfere with detection and was therefore preferred.
Peró-Gascón, R., Pont, L., Benavente, F., Barbosa, J., Sanz-Nebot, V., Electrophoresis 2016, 37, 1220-1231
Product: LOABeads SerAscA, LOABeads AffiActive (Prod. No. 1200 and 1300) Published: March 2016