LOABeads AlkaliA are super-paramagnetic agarose beads covalently coupled with an alkali-resistant recombinant protein A. The black beads are clearly visible, strongly attracted to external magnets, and easily resuspended. The quantity of beads can readily be scaled up or down to match application.


LOABeads AlkaliA are intended for purification of monoclonal antibodies from cell culture harvests, such as from hybridoma or CHO cells, where sanitization of beads with NaOH is desired. The beads are suitable for separations using appropriate magnetic separators, such as LOABeads MagSep50 (Product No. 2200) and LOABeads MagSep500 (Product No. 2300). The product is intended for research use only.

Product data

Product name LOABeads™ AlkaliA
Product No. 1500
Particle size 45–165 µm
Ligand Alkali-resistant recombinant protein A
Type magnetization Super-paramagnetic
Matrix 4% agarose
Product form 10% bead suspension in PBS with 20% ethanol
Binding capacity1 45 mg/ml
Static binding capacity >55 mg/ml settled beads
Binding conditions Directly in cell culture media, pH 6–8
Elution conditions2 100 mM citrate pH 2.8

100 mM glycine, pH 2.8

Storage +2 to +8°C in PBS containing 20% ethanol
Stability3 18 months
Ligand leakage4 10–100 ng/mg IgG (10–100 ppm)
Alkali-treatment Retains 90% activity after 16 hours exposure to 0.1 M NaOH
1      Binding capacity at 5 mg IgG/ml sample

2      Some antibodies may require different elution conditions.

3      Data of product stability is continuously updated based on ongoing stability studies.

4      Protein A ligand leakage in the acidic elution fraction with 1 minute contact time at room temperature was determined using a Protein A ELISA kit (#03-96) from Immun System I.M.S AB, Sweden.

Ordering information

Products Quantity Product No.
LOABeads™ AlkaliA   1 ml beads5 1501
LOABeads™ AlkaliA   5 ml beads 1502
LOABeads™ AlkaliA 25 ml beads 1503