Bench scale magnetic bioseparation

Lab on a Bead brings the simplicity and flexibility of magnetic beads to bioseparation on a liter scale.

By combining the LOABeads magnetic beads with the LOABeads MagSep magnetic separators, a new platform for laboratory scale bioseparation is formed. The beads will capture milligrams to grams of the target molecule from production volumes of up to several liters. Using the magnetic separators, washing and elution of the target protein can then be performed in standard flasks. By combining the LOABeads MagSep units, target proteins can be captured from a larger volume and then washed and eluted in a smaller sized vessel

LOABeads MagSep500 LOABeads PrtA30 in 500 ml bottle

Benefits of using LOABeads and LOABeads MagSep

  • Simple to use
    No special training.
  • Scalable
    Optimize purification set-up at microscale and scale up to preparative scale.
  • Save media
    Only use the amount of beads needed. Don’t under-use the capacity of a pre-packed column.
  • Parallel
    Perform purification in parallel, using the same hardware, also at liter sample scale.
  • Low maintenance
    The magnetic separators have no movable parts and do not need service.