LOABeads™ IP-A

Protein A magnetic beads for immunoprecipitation.

LOABeads IP-A are magnetic agarose beads coupled with a recombinant protein A ligand and are intended to be used in immunoprecipitations. The beads have a high binding capacity for different IgG subclasses, which makes the beads more flexible in different applications.

The super-paramagnetic LOABeads IP-A particles are strongly attracted to external magnets allowing efficient separation. The agarose matrix enables minimal nonspecific binding of proteins due to its hydrophilic nature. The black beads are easily observed by the naked eye, making them easy to follow and collect, and they do not aggregate, which facilitates the resuspension.

Material Supplied

  • LOABeads IP-A supplied as a 10% bead suspension in PBS with 20% ethanol.
    10 ml of 10% bead suspension contains 1 ml magnetic beads.

Product Data

Product name LOABeads™ IP-A
Product number 1400
Particle size 45–165 µm
Ligand Recombinant protein A
Type magnetization Super-paramagnetic
Matrix 4% agarose
Product form 10% bead suspension in PBS with 20% ethanol
Binding capacity* 30 mg rabbit IgG/ml settled beads
Binding conditions Directly in cell culture media, pH 6–8
Elution buffer 60 mM citrate, pH 3.0
100 mM glycine, pH 2.8
Storage conditions +2 to +8°C in PBS with 20% ethanol
Stability information** 18 months
Regeneration Cannot be reused
* Binding capacity was determined by incubating 50 μl LOABeads IP30 with rabbit IgG (~2 mg/ml in 1 ml PBS) for 60 minutes at room temperature. Binding capacity is obtained with a yield of 90% or more under the conditions specified above.
** Data of product stability is continuously updated based on ongoing stability studies.


Ordering Information

Product Quantity Product no.
LOABeads IP30 0.5 ml beads 1401
LOABeads IP30 1 ml beads 1402
LOABeads IP0 5 ml beads 1403